Essence of the Soul - Deanna Downing {Redding, Ca Portrait Photographer}

I had the wonderful pleasure of shooting Deanna amongst the raw natural beauty of Point Reyes National Seashore. We stayed at a beautiful Bed and Breakfast in Inverness, enjoying real conversation with other travelers and home cooked food from the tenets. Early in the morning we traveled to Samuel P. Taylor State Park for a dark and moody exploration of the Lagunitas Creek. The moss covered creek bed gave us endless photographic opportunities and privacy. After spending the day enjoying great food in Point Reyes Station we drove towards the coast line for sunset. Several miles later on back country farm roads, the skyline opened up to an incredible view of cliffs and ocean. We walked to the top of a 300ft drop into the roaring ocean with a view of Elephant Rock. The wind was strong, cool, crisp, and it was an experience I will never forget. Below is Deanna's writing on the experience.

Essence of the Soul captured in the flesh of the “Fire Woman" Deanna “Little Wise One who walks with feet of thunder.” Gifts from Mother Nature and Elements of Wakan Tanka paint the unique back drop of each moment now frozen on print.

We Welcome you to celebrate with us a very small glimpse of the spiritual path of one Inner Native American Soul.

My whole life the connection and effortless understanding of native american spirituality has been very strong and a clear path that completes me. Traveling the Red Road and participating in traditional ceremony is an honor and right of passage.
Being at ‘one' with nature and the elements has always been my chosen way of communication and understanding of life and its precious lessons. Once you become ‘one' with mother earth, you inherently learn a silent lanugauage ... intuition, intent & life force energy.
As life's journey present joys, hardships, growth, sickness, birth, death, love & set backs, these are lessons for our physical flesh & spiritual expansion. Theses 'growth rings we gain' are paralleled by messages sent in the form of visual sightings of our Four Legged’s, The Tree People, Beloved Winged Messengers, and most of all Wakan Tankas universal Moon Cycles and Elemental expressions...Stone, Mineral, Wind, Rain, Flood, Sun, Fog, Heat, Cold, Snow, Thunder, Lighting, Fire & Earth movement. They all have meaning, messages of caution, guidance or confirmation. Once we learn to separate from daily routine and Breath Deep while silencing the noise, we close our eyes and open them to the wondrous world of simplicitc ceramonial existence.
Remember the flesh is of ego and the soul is of spirit. Ego has limits and conditions, Soul is unconditional and free of boundaries. Settle in the seat of you inner most being, ask your question, breath deeply calming the physical flesh…clear the mind…Open your eyes and all you need will present itself…We all just learn the interpretation and language in our own unique ways. Some stay blind due to fear of change while others see spirit in all visions. In time your personal journey confirms your growth and understanding, only you have the power to identify and embrace growth or stay frozen in the past rut of comfort and security. Perhaps even repeating life lessons over and over and falling victim to the great power our Universe teaches freely in every moment we encounter.
Being present in every moment, feet solidly planted in mother earth solid, flesh observing the elements…Deep Breaths…Opening the eyes you may see life in a different light! Be aware of the small things in nature to tell you story, the answers are simply found right in front of us no matter how insignificant they may seem.
The great light of the night, our moon, has tremendous ceremonial meaning and guidance in the foundation of our journey.
Having entered my 40th journey around the Sun & star filled moon light nights, I am honored by the confirmation of Great Mother Earths confidence in my knowledge and teachings of this simplistic chosen path, lessons, and signs. honored to have gained this life right of passage to share with all whom are open to infinite possibilities.
Honored to be joined by Mother Nature, Wakan Tanka, The Tree People, Beloved Winged Messengers, Our Four Legged’s, Full Moon, Sun Set, Ocean, River, Winds & Misting Fog…Captured in these photos you will find these key totems.

Water of Cleansing River, Elk Plains watering Pond & Majestic Ocean all representing Purification & Rebirth.
Mighty Red Woods, Stones, Moss and Open Grass Planes providing wisdom, protection & strength.
Majestic Elk is the Great Protector of Woman and have been said to lead the captured to safety.
Silver Fox believed to be the wise benevolent Creator. Associated with Fire and the Great Sun.
Rainbow Obsidian Spear was hand made an used for survival, either as Hunter or status in Ceremonial gatherings.
Headdress ~ A beautiful work of art in deed. This feather, fur, beaded, leather adornment made & worn by only a Chief or Powerful Warrior.
Each feather being earned by the act of bravery. The more extravagant the headdress, the higher the status of the individual.
In My case, I am honored and proud to were this breath taking piece of radial ceremonial art to capture the accomplished bravery battled on this journey I call “ Following a spiritual path of an inner Native”

Thank you for being open to the way of ones calling, it is my honor and gift to you to share my knowings.
Remember deep breaths and be in the moment, when we look for it, its there for us, you won’t have to look far or hard.

Let us pray for all things
Gratitude and Blessings
Love & Lite to All
"Aho Mitakuye Oyasin"
-Deanna Downing