Experimental Day with Ricki Lynn and Brittany Martin

Model and stylist: Ricki Lynn Wilcox
Makeup Artist: Brittany Martin
Location: Whiskeytown Lake

I always love trying new things and editing styles, shooting at new locations and photographing new face. And in this session we did all those at once! Brittany, Ricki and myself collaborated to create this unique set of images.

These were created by suspending a lace blanket over Ricki in direct sun. 
Such a great idea Ricki wanted to try!

For this image to create the odd blur I held my UV filter about 1/2" in front of lens. 
I love this technique and use it often now. 

I love editing, but i also love controlling how far I go and editing to the feel of the image. 
These images I did push the limits, but the results I feel are stunning. 

Simple and clean edits for these:

Thank you for checking out my blog:

Brittany working her magic!