A little about me



One of my favorite movies growing up was the Secret Garden. The mystery and beauty behind that intricate iron door drew me in like a moth to flame, and the garden on the other side inspired a life in love with florals. That secret garden is place I come back to in my head over and over again, willing me get lost in its splendor. Through photography my love of the delicate and beautiful has collided with my need to be loud, bright and bold. Hence creating me, Tricia Davidge Photography. Living in Northern California offers me all the opportunities to practice my art out amongst incredible nature. When I'm not shooting, I'm usually watching Star Trek or Harry Potter, adventuring with my fiancé Taylor McCutchan, or petting one of our 3 adorable rescue dogs. 

I am ever experimenting and challenging myself to make better art, so I ask you to reach out and see what we can create together. I love capturing people. From weddings to seniors to life events, I love it all. Weddings are so fast and incredibly emotional, most clients tell me that their photographs helped all the forgotten fleeting moments come rushing back. Knowing that I stopped time with an image that will be treasured forever is why I live for shooting big moments in people's lives. When I'm not locked into the rush of a fast paced event, I love to adventure around one of the many lush areas California has to offer. With my clients we explore, make memories behind the images, and create something more than just a "photo". I am up for almost any idea you want to throw at me. Whether we will be hiking mountains, feeling sand between our toes, or enjoying the smells of flower gardens, lets go on an adventure!